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ACR Computer has been serving the Waterbury area for 15 years! We offer a wide range of services and can repair just about anything -- cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Xbox, PS4, you name it! You break? We fix!

Tip of the Day

Never trust unsolicited calls from someone claiming to work for Microsoft!
Microsoft and it's partners will never call you and offer to fix your computer for a fee. If you receive a call asking for any financial information or passwords, hang up!
Click Here to read more from Microsoft about phone scams.

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Our Services

  • Smartphone & Tablet Repair

    $29-$69 (+parts)
    Cracked screen or digitizer? Loose or broken charger port? We fix it all! Price is labor only, parts are not included.

  • Basic Diagnostic

    Our basic diagnostic will determine the current well being of your device's hardware and software (this price applies to all devices).

  • Install Windows

    If your Windows installation is corrupted or otherwise unusable (or if you have a computer with no operating system installed), we can install, configure and update it for you

  • Backup/Data Retrieval

    Backup: $29 (starting)
    Backup your data! Whether you need to wipe out Windows and start again or just want a copy of your files in a safe place, we're here for you!
    Data retrieval: price varies and is dependant upon your hard drive's physical state and amount of data to be retrieved.